There was a reception in the Parish Hall immediately following the Mass.

Poster Boards

At the front of the Hall, there were two tri-fold poster boards — the type used to display science projects — and on them were displayed photos from Mary's life and a list of the more than 50 countries she had visited.

This trifold poster includes photos and Mary's obituary   This trifold poster includes photos and countries Mary visited

Mary with Lucas

At the Mass and at the reception was a photo taken on Christmas Day, about five weeks before she passed, of Mary holding baby Lucas, the son of Dave and Jen. Lucas was born on December 1, 2017. Late in the year 2090 Lucas will be the same age as Mary is in the photo.

Mary holding Lucas on Christmas day

Video Presentation

After people had sat down to eat, Cathy played a moving video she had made that profiled her mother's life.