Submitted Design

On Monday Feb 19, 2018, I submitted the design shown below to the Conejo Mountain Cemetery. Kevin Boyle, Family Service Counselor and my contact there, said I should get back a proof in 5-10 days. I will post it here for comparison when I receive it.

Submitted gravestone design

The design lacks my death date and, because there is adequate space at the bottom, a phrase that might characterize our lives. Some suggestions to avoid are shown below. However, neither I nor Mary will have veto power over whatever is ultimately engraved at the bottom.

Tombstone designs that make a statement

Design Explanation

Mary was born to teach and I was born to program. The gravestone design reflects our careers.

Above Mary's name is a book, and her name is prefixed by Prof. To her students at CSUN, she was Professor Riggs, a title she bore with pride, dignity, and competence. The book honors both her lengthy teaching career (1967-1969 and 1982-2014) and her love of books. She not only loved them—she devoured them.

Above my name is the binary equivalent of the letters L-o-v-e, expressed as ASCII values converted to binary. If you need a sleep aid, I would suggest this highly-regarded 10-minute YouTube video entitled Converting Numbers into Binary for Beginners & Some Fun with ASCII.

The binary code is there for nerds. With my Russian degree from UCR, I was able to get my first computer programming job in 1966 at Security Pacific National Bank by passing an aptitude test; they subsequently trained me. I continued in that profession until retiring in 2001. And since then, I've kept active by applying my computer skills primarily to volunteer work.